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Psychotherapeutic Communities

The Psychotherapeutic Communities (Daily, Fortnight, and Summer Communities) constitute an original and “democratic” model of a Therapeutic Community that covers the spectrum of psychodynamic and socio-dynamic activities. These are adapted according to Greek specificities and requirements and have also sparked an interest internationally. Their main therapeutic approach has been influenced by the origins of group analysis and it includes:

Socio-therapeutic groups

• Group Analysis

• Psychodrama and Large Groups

The plethora of therapeutic community applications around the world has led to the need to distinguish the therapeutic communities according to different models. The Psychotherapeutic Model seemed to be the more appropriate for the Centre’s needs and objectives, however, various innovations were also implemented from the very beginning (and continue to this day), always reflecting the Greek reality and the needs of everyday clinical practice.

The Group Analytic Model of the Therapeutic Community acquires the principles and characteristics of the traditional Greek communal way of life that contributes to the formation of the individual and his/her emergence as a “person”, as opposed to the duality of individualism - collectivism. Thus a "humanistic" therapeutic framework is established, one that fosters personal distinctness and the development and establishment of the individual as a person.

The basic feature of this structure is the use of the processes applied in representative democracy, the purpose of which is to offer the patients the possibility to participate in the institution’s operation and not restrict themselves to a passive role.

Daily Psychotherapeutic Community

Coordinator: Mariliza Petropoulou

The Daily Psychotherapeutic Community’s schedule includes a large number of groups (sociotherapeutic and psychotherapeutic). The Community operates Monday to Friday, excluding national holidays and Christmas, Easter and summer holidays (two weeks for Christmas and Easter and six to seven weeks during the summer). Hours of participation vary, depending on the needs and availability of the patient.


Fortnight Psychotherapeutic Community

Coordinator: Christina Kampouri

This Community constitutes an original model of Community Therapy, which comprises of Sociotherapeutic and Psychotherapeutic Groups. It operates bi-weekly and the patient can attend two, three or more healing activities. It is aimed at those who, either because of a therapeutic assessment or a specific condition (distance, alternate working hours etc.) do not need or are not able to participate in weekly therapy activities.


Summer Therapeutic Community

Coordinator: varies

This community operates during the summer holidays and its duration is three weeks.  It is aimed at the patients who need to continue their therapy or individuals who have an immediate need for therapy during that period.

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