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Initial Interview and Assessment

During the first meeting, a preliminary assessment of the problem is conducted while, at the same time, the individual is informed about the services provided. The diagnostic period serves the purpose of forming an integrated assessment in order to establish a therapeutic course of action.

It includes:

Psychiatric Assessment

Psychological Assessment: use of psychological tests, for the assessment of the personality as a whole through structured questionnaires (M.M.P.I., Eysenck, C.P.I.) and projective techniques (Rorschach, T.A.T., C.A.T., Rotter), and the personality’s various functions (e.g., intelligence: W.A.I.S., Raven's P.M.) and so on. Also, Vocational Guidance Assessments are provided to adolescents and young adults.

Family Assessment: meeting with the immediate family of the interested person.

Individual and Group Therapy: group therapy, psychodrama, sociotherapy

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