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Therapy and Training in a Day Centre

Open Psychotherapy Centre is an autonomous, self-sufficient, non-profit day care unit, which is not financial supported by the state or any organization inside or outside Greece. Theoretical and structural innovations have been applied since the very beginning concerning, apart the therapeutic and training activities, the organizational structure (administrative and financial function). The basic characteristics of the organization are: the administration is group-centered, the operation is based on the open systems, where the small and large group meetings are utilized, and role interchange is frequent (the conductor of each department changes every two years). In communal approach, as this kind of structure is called, there are no gaps in communication. On the contrary, small and large group meetings are officially functioning in order to provide the proper space for the personnel to discuss face-to-face thoughts, emotions and disagreements, while at the same time everyone is aware of the whole organization function. The basic constitutional principles of the organization are:

  • The creation good working conditions for the staff and the patients
  • To contribute to the abolition of the myth that mental patients are dangerous (stigma etc)
  • The demystification of the notion that psychotherapy is only for a few (the well off or the "neurotics")
  • Appication of psychotherapy on a daily basis, as the main therapeutic approach.
  • Training of mental health professionals (Group Analysis, Psychological Assessment, Psychodrama-Sociotherapy, Family Therapy)
  • To sensitize the public to communal approach.
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