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The Institute of Group Analysis of Athens announces the 2011 EGATIN Study Days which will take place at the premises of I.G.A. Athens, on April 8-9th.

 Supervision is one of the cornerstones of Group Analytic training, together with Therapy and Theory. It plays a most important role not only in forging psychotherapeutic ability and  transmitting knowledge, but also as a means of enhancing the trainee’s personal development and professional identity.

Furthermore, in the Group Analytic field, supervision needs to take into account a multitude of variables, besides the patients themselves, including the dynamics of the group analytic group and the supervising group, thus making the training and expertise of the trainers a crucial issue.

In the course of the Study Days we will attempt to address the complex dynamics of the supervising process as well to explore new developments and applications in this area.

 We would like to encourage trainees to attend.

There will be a special meeting for all participating trainees during the meeting as well as reduced fees.


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