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Psychotherapy - Sociotherapy

Polina Zerva

Individual Therapy:

It is usually the first stage of therapy, after the assessment period. Each session is weekly or bi-weekly, it lasts 50 minutes and is dynamically oriented.

 Group Psychotherapy:

•  Group Analysis: these are slowly changing groups that work according to the principles of the Group Analysis. Meetings vary in frequency (from once per week to once per two weeks) and each session lasts an hour and a half.

Psychodrama: these are groups that work by combining the group process with psychodramatic techniques. Their focus is the dramatization of situations, life events and imaginary themes in order to facilitate both the resumption as well as the removal of various roles.

Sociotherapy: various socio-therapeutic groups, with a variety of activities as the focus, run within the three Psychotherapeutic Communities of the OPC.

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