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Summer Therapeutic Activities

The Centre is open during the summer holidays with the exception of the second week of August. From mid-July to the end of August, certain changes are applied to the activities operating throughout the year, so that the staff and senior therapists can take their summer vacation. However, both for newer and senior therapists who must continue with their therapeutic duties during that period, there are two summer slots. The available activities are:

• first meeting and diagnostic Period (psychiatric assessment, psychological evaluation), for adults, parents, children and adolescents

• counseling meetings (individual, family, couple)

• psychiatric monitoring

• individual therapy

• Summer Therapeutic Community: participation in a variety of groups, activities and discussions, with a brief psychotherapy approach. Each patient, in consultation with the therapist in charge, selects the program that meets his or her needs and participates for a specific period (three weeks).

Last update of this article: 16/8/2022
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