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Family - Couple Therapy

Family Therapy and Couples Therapy

Family or Couple Assessment: concerns families or couples that have requested therapy; after the first meeting, and if there is evidence that treatment is required, a complete psychological assessment of the family members, or the two spouses when group therapy is required, is carried out, always by two special therapists.

Family therapy: concerns families facing communication difficulties, conflicts, or a particular issue with one of the family members.

Couples therapy: concerns couples facing relationship problems or problems with one of their family members.

Couples group therapy: these are slowly changing groups, based on the principles of Group Analysis, and in conjunction with the dynamics of the couple relationship. Two specialized therapists coordinate the groups.

Couples psychodrama: these groups combine the group process with psychodrama techniques and their objective is acting out of situations, conflicts and events related to married and family life, as well as the undertaking, learning, and un-learning of various roles.

Parents group: tailored specifically to parents whose children (pre-adolescents, adolescents, adults) face psychological disorders or development, school performance and behavior issues

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