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Initial Interview and Assessment

 The initial meeting is with the family or the couple; in the cases that concern a child, the first meeting is with the parents; during that time, background information is provide and the aim of therapy is established.

Psychological Assessment of Children, Adolescents and Parents

Depending on the agreed course of action of the first meeting, the following assessments are carried out:

• Complete psychiatry, child psychiatry and neurological assessment

• Complete psychological evaluation: mental tests (Terman-Merill, W.I.S.C. III, Ravens P.M), school performance and learning difficulties (̓Athena test), personality tests (C.A.T., TATT, Rorschach, Menninger Clinical Testimonies), as well as Vocational Guidance challenges for adolescents and young adults.

• Family Assessment: the family (parents and children) meets with two special therapists

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