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Tutorial in Psychopathology

The tutorial in psychopathology runs the whole academic year, as part of the training activities of the O.P.C. and the I.G.A.A.

It is addressed to all students of the four professional trainings of the O.P.C. and the I.G.A.A. as it constitutes a prerequisite in their training. It is addressed, however, to students of other training institutes in psychotherapy as well.

The topics covered, indicativley, may include:

- Taking a psychiatric history

- Clinical Interview

- Ethical Issues in Psychiarty

- Personality Disorders

- Schizophrenia-Psychotic Disorders

- Anxiety Disorders

- Disorders related to the use of Alcohol and Opioids

- Eating Disorders

- Geriatric Psychiatry, Death and Bereavement

- Critical Review of Diagnostic Systems

The above topics are being associated with the presentation and discussion of a relevant case. This contributes to the participants' better understanding of and familiarisation with the clinical practice.



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