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Clinical Experience and Participation for Students

As clinical experience for students training in Psychotherapy, is not widely available, the Training and Research department of the close collaboration with the Therapy Unit, may provide the following: 
1. Long-term and intensive clinical practice for the students of the four post graduate trainings, which lasts as long as the training and is continuously under supervision. 
2. Opportunity for each member of the introductory courses, to participate as an observer, in the therapeutic activities of the O.P.C. Clinical practice in this case, is short-term and voluntary.
3. Students in other University departments or Schools, who may need additional clinical experience.
4. Students from other training institutions, who may wish to enrich their clinical experience. 
Applicants go through an initial interview with a member of the training and research department and subsequently, they are informed of the therapeutic schemes provided as well as the staff meetings.
For participation in therapeutic activities such as the initial interview, sociodynamic groups, psychological assessments etc, the patient’s and therapist’s consent is necessary. 
Last update of this article: 9/23/2019
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