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Introduction to Family Dynamics

Konstantina Latsona

The Seminar consists of lectures-discussions regarding the basic principles and the models of Family-Couple Therapy, the role of the family in the problems of its members, Group Therapy for children and adolescents, etc.

It concerns professionals and trainees of the psychiatric field, as well professionals of other specialities who work with families and children (paediatricians, special trainers, teachers, etc.).


  • Basic principles of family dynamics
  • Basic principles of Family and Couple Therapy
  • Group Psychotherapy of Children and Adolescents
  • Parental Counselling
  • Training in Family Therapy

Discussions Groups and Workshops

  • Group Analytic Supervision of clinical activities with families, couples, children
  • Family Sculpting etc.

Lecturers: The theoretical presentations are provided mainly by the Trainers of the Institute of Family Therapy and greeks and foreigners guest speakers, .

Duration: The Seminar meets on a weekly basis (15 sessions) on Tuesday, from 3.00 - 4.30 p.m., from November to March (22 didactic hours).

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