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Introduction to Psychological Assessment

Katerina Kaliakatsou

It concerns professionals and trainees of the psychiatric field (psychiatrists, social workers, occupational therapists, nurses, psychologists, etc.), as well as teachers, special trainers, business managers, etc.

Its aim is to promote the awareness on the contribution of psychological assesments and to inform participants about their use in both clinical, educational and business practice and research.

It constitutes a preliminary stage for the proper training in Psychological Assessment per se.

Duration: The Seminar meets on a fortnight basis, on Friday from 5.00 - 8.30 p.m., for five sessions, from November to January.

Theory: The participants are introduced to basic mental tests for adults, adolescents and children (W.A.I.S., W.I.S.C.-R., Raven's P.M., Stanford-Binet), to clinical questionnaires and tests concerning personality (M.M.P.I., T.A.T., Rorschach, S.T.A.I., S.T.A.I.C., B.D.S.), as well as tests assessing professional skills for purposes of Professional Orientation and Staff Selection.

Experiential Groups: Through action methods (role playing, group-analytic supervision etc.) the participants have the opportunity to elaborate variable aspects of Psychological Assessment.

Lecturers: The trainers of the Institute of Diagnostic Psychology as well as guest speakers, greeks and foreigners.

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