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Coordination of Departments and Units

The Units and the Departments are functioning autonomously and in a communal way, i.e. with the participation of both patients and trainees. Their decisions or proposals are notified, discussed or modified into the fortnightly Coordinating Committee and into the Monthly General Meeting.

Issues concerning the general policy are discussed and decided by the Administration Board, which meets 2-3 times a year. The Board, which is the legal representative, is responsible for the finances (budget etc), public relations, as well as for the preservation of the decentralized character of the organization.

President: Ioannis K. Tsegos

Vice-President: Thalis Papadakis

Treasurer: Natassa Karapostoli

Members of the Board: Maroula Mitroutiskou, Athanasia Kakouri-Basea

Last update of this article: 6/29/2022
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