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During the 40 years of its operation—and as a political intervention in psychiatry and psychotherapy—the Open Psychotherapeutic Centre (OPC) has accomplished much more than it had initially planned, aspired to or envisioned. By adopting the scarcely used model of first-hand psychotherapy, we have applied a principle of rigorous clinical training, always in balance with education. The four institutes (Institute of Group Analysis, Institute of Diagnostic Psychology, Institute of Psychodrama-Psychotherapy, Institute of Family Therapy) and the Centre co-existing under the same roof; this continuous interplay between therapeutic and educational activities, has led to multiple practical and theoretical revisions, reversals and innovations, both in terms of Therapy as well as Education.


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Seminars - Events
  • Psychotherapeutic Communities 12/6/2019 Psychotherapeutic Communities

    The Psychotherapeutic Communities (Daily, Fortnight, and Summer Communities) constitute an original and “democratic” model of a Therapeutic Community that covers the spectrum of ...

  • Group Psychotherapeutic Approaches and Psychological Assesment 9/10/2018 Group Psychotherapeutic Approaches and Psychological Assesment

    Coordinator: Eleni Morarou Group Psychotherapy Approaches (Group Analysis, Psychodrama, Psychotherapeutic Community, Family Therapy) and Psychological Assesment The Seminar introduces ...

  • Summer Therapeutic Activities 12/6/2019 Summer Therapeutic Activities

    The Centre is open during the summer holidays with the exception of the second week of August. From mid-July to the end of August, certain changes are applied to the activities operating ...

  • 17/10/2018

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