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The Open Psychotherapy Centre (est. 1980) is an autonomous, self-sufficient, nonprofit psychiatric day centre which, in close collaboration with the Institute of Group Analysis (Athens). During the 37 years of its operation has accomplished much more than it was originally planned to or has aspired for in the fields of Therapy, Training and Research.


Information on the Therapeutic Activities (adults, families, couples, adolescents and children) 



Information concerning the publishing series " Modern Psychotherapy"
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Seminars - Events
  • demonews 6/5/2019 Psychotherapeutic Communities

    The Psychotherapeutic Communities (Daily, Fortnight and Summer Community) constitute a new version of the "democratic model" which covers a wide range of psychodynamic and ...

  • Group Psychotherapeutic Approaches and Psychological Assesment 9/10/2018 Group Psychotherapeutic Approaches and Psychological Assesment

    Coordinator: Eleni Morarou Group Psychotherapy Approaches (Group Analysis, Psychodrama, Psychotherapeutic Community, Family Therapy) and Psychological Assesment The Seminar introduces ...

  • 17/10/2018

  • demonews 18/3/2019

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