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Training in Family Therapy

Co-ordinator: Konstantina Latsona

Institute of Family Therapy (1989)

Member of E.F.T.A. and N.O.P.G.

Training is provided by the Institute of Family Therapy. The duration of training is four years and it concerns the diagnosis and therapy of functional problems experienced by couples, families and children. It is mainly intended for psychiatric health professionals, as well as professionals of other specialities who work with families and children (paediatricians, special trainers, teachers, etc.).

At the end of training, graduates can become regular members of the E.F.T.A. and of the Hellenic Society of Family and Marital Therapy.

Training includes:

· Personal therapy, before and during training, in a therapeutic group-analytic group.

·      Intensive theoretical seminars.

·      Supervision of the students' therapeutic activities.

· Clinical practice in a suitable psychotherapeutic environment, throughout the training period.

·      Active participation in training activities.

·      Research and writing experience: two short papers (2nd and 3rd year).

·      Diploma Dissertation.


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